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2021/2022 Nitrogen reports due by October 31st 2022

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Farm Mapping Software

Welcome to HawkEye by Ravensdown.

We help farmers make smarter decisions for better farm and environmental outcomes.

What is HawkEye?

A software solution for your farming operation that provides decision support, data recording, visualisation, and reporting tools. Make sense and visualise your farm activity and environment.

Record Keeping and Reporting
Keep track of activities on your farm and view and create detailed reports, all in one place. Having an accurate farm map helps provide accurate monitoring and reporting.

Ordering from Map
Quick easy ways to order Ravensdown fertiliser directly and accurately from your farm map with requests going directly to your spreader. Monitor against your agronomy plan and keeping an eye on nutrient limits.

Feed predictions
Create and view a feed wedge, predict growth, make strategic feed decisions, and calculate nitrogen use efficiency.

You do not need to be a Ravensdown customer to sign-up and use HawkEye. Ravensdown customers can however access additional benefits and functionality such as ordering and reporting directly from their farm maps.

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Take Control

“A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step” – so the saying goes. To many, the path to regulated farm environment planning and compliance may feel like a thousand-mile journey.

Strength in Numbers

HawkEye continues to be built in collaboration with leading industry partners and research providers. Working with over 80 aerial and ground-spreading operators across New Zealand means we truly understand your business - wherever you farm.

Farm mapping solutions through expert technology.

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