Introducing HawkEye®, a map-based software that helps farmers make smarter decisions for better farm and environmental outcomes.

HawkEye is focused on delivering truly useful and time saving tools for all farmers. 

  • Improved nutrient & feed decisions  Increased Productivity
  • Reduced office time  More time to Farm
  • Managing environmental impacts  License to operate

HawkEye is about collaboration, we partner with others for the greater good of all farmers and the country. Working with over 80 aerial and ground-spreading operators nationwide, we offer enhanced collaboration with leading industry and research providers. This lets us focus on nutrient management and pasture production, giving you access to world-leading technologies.

HawkEye has a wide variety of uses, these include:

  • Farm mapping
  • Nutrient planning and forecasting
  • Pasture Performance Management
  • Test results and Agronomy Plan visualisation
  • Digital record keeping and reporting
  • Spreading proof of placement
  • Sharing and collaboration with other industry leaders
  • Product ordering and spreading

Features coming soon: 

  • Farm feature & hazards
  • Irrigation & effluent reporting
  • Nutrient compliance management & reporting

We are continuously working on new features and we love it when farmers work with the team, if you’re interested just let us know.

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