Meet our Experts

Emma McRae

HawkEye Product Manager

Emma’s tenure at Ravensdown began as a contracted Business Analyst and Project Manager lending her expertise to a number of diverse projects. An initial member of the HawkEye team, Emma accepted the permanent role of Product Manager, Field Technologies mid-2017 and focuses on enhancing processes to get data from the field into HawkEye in a useable format for our customers. An example of this is proof of application data.

With a strong history of implementing new business systems Emma has a wealth of experience understanding customer requirements and ensuring that value is delivered in the most efficient way. Emma also bring sanity to our projects, continually evaluating the prospective benefits to our customers and prioritising those features that will have the most impact.

Through working at Ravensdown Emma has discovered a passion for the agriculture industry and a desire to assist farmers comply with industry standards, improve environmental outcomes and spend more time on farm rather than in the office.

Phil Barlow

HawkEye Product Manager

Phil has an extensive background in Geographic Information Systems, in both the public and private sector that extends over 25 years. He has worked hands-on as a GIS Analyst for many years and also more recently as a GIS Manager. Phil came to Ravensdown as a GIS Analyst and had been with Ravensdown for nearly 6 years before taking on the role as product manager for HawkEye® at the start of 2017. His background provides a strong understanding and experience of the relevance of spatial information and how it can be used to help customers throughout the Agri sector.

Rangi Holland

Customer Technology Specialist

Rangi joined Ravensdown in 2008 after graduating from Otago University. Beginning in the customer centre, Rangi completed a Graduate Diploma in Rural studies from Massey University and moved onto an agri manager role in 2013. She provided temporary coverage in the Waikato area, then moving back to Christchurch to look after the Banks Peninsula/Ellesmere region for the next 5 years. During this time she became a certified nutrient management advisor and a person that many turned to with agri-management questions. 

Moving on from the field, she is now in the HawkEye Product team as a Customer Technologies Specialist. In this role Rangi uses her on farm experiences to ensure that HawkEye continues to develop to provide farmers with the tools and information they need to continue farming with confidence into the future.

Rob Murray

Technology Innovation Manager

Rob comes from a farming background with practical experience that has been instrumental in forging his desire for improving the way we manage our land and optimise business profitably - but not at the expense of environmental sustainability. His PhD studies created a detailed understanding of the fundamental sciences, as well as the cutting-edge technological developments, that are being developed in the competitive landscape that we operate in.

Rob’s former role as Innovation Manager at C-Dax Ltd, and current role as Technology Innovation Manager for Ravensdown, sees responsibility for identifying and guiding research and innovation required for development, analysis, and delivery of the technology products and services. We achieve this through the identification and assessment of emerging tools, disruptive and mainstream technologies, and developing a company culture of ideation, innovation and capability.

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