An Eye On HawkEye

HawkEye is focused on delivering solutions for some of the biggest challenges farmers are facing – better management of nutrients, pasture, crops and the on-farm environmental footprint.

Ravensdown has been involved with farm productivity software since 2005, recognising early the potential it held for shareholders. Through consultation with HawkEye’s users, we have developed a strategic direction for the software that not only builds on the current functionality of the available tools but also adds more options to automate data in and out of the platform. Working with our industry partners, our aim is to provide a user-friendly tool that can be embraced by all farmers across a range of farming operations

How HawkEye can help

There is no point having the fanciest technology if it doesn’t add value to your farming operation, or if it’s too complicated to use. Farmers have told us they’re having to spend an increasing amount of time in the office, and that’s not why they chose to farm. We recognise that for new technology and science to be successful, it has to free up people from the paperwork and get them back out on farm, where they really want to be. Part of our role as a co-operative is not only to provide nutrients for our customers but also to help them with tools to manage those inputs and support on-farm decision making. HawkEye helps to keep you on track. You have a record of work – what’s been done and what hasn’t – so you know where you sit in your plan for the year. While HawkEye is recording your data, it’s also building a compliance history as evidence of your actions. HawkEye is also about enabling our people – giving them the tools they need to do their jobs and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Industry collaboration

We believe the future of on-farm data management lies in collaboration. Our intention is to continue to partner with others in the industry for the greater good of all farmers in New Zealand. HawkEye’s cutting-edge technology is the key to this integration. With HawkEye, we are in for the long haul – we see it as the vehicle that will allow us to deliver a significant amount of Ravensdown’s evolving services and smarts.

What are customers using HawkEye for?

  • Ordering fertiliser and spreading directly from their HawkEye farm map to allow automated nutrient placement and reporting. This is achieved through integration with Ravensdown joint-venture spreaders and spreaders enabled with TracMap technology
  • Digital record-keeping of farm inputs and activities
  • Mapping their farms with simple and effective mapping tools
  • Comparing their planned vs actual nutrient use on farm
  • Creating paddock, block and farm nutrient reports Using pasture measurement, including C-Dax to manage feed
  • Feed budget predictions for the next 14 days using FARMAX algorithms
  • Identifying fertility issues and opportunities through mapped soil-test results.

What’s next for HawkEye?

  • Mobile applications so farmers and their staff can record, access and order in the field
  • Automated feeds from effluent and irrigation to complete the nutrient compliance loop
  • Improved customer interface delivering our emerging science, such as hyperspectral scanning of soil fertility and IntelliSpread®
  • Better processes and insights for HawkEye by continuing to build industry partnerships.