FEP & FEMP Tools: Not all nutrient management reporting is created equally

Planning, managing, and reporting on your farm nutrient usage for compliance is about to get a whole lot easier using HawkEye. We are continually developing custom tools and reports to ensure it's as easy as possible for you to monitor your farm's nutrient usage and quickly provide accurate compliance information when needed.

With the new nitrogen restrictions of 190kg N/ha (N-190) coming into effect in 2021 (initially for Dairy farms), we all need greater certainty about precisely what is being spread and where on our farms. This helps ensure we can sustainably manage how we perform against the regulations and accurately and easily report on our nutrient usage when required.

The cycle of ordering and receiving accurate proof of placement records through Ravensdown products using HawkEye technology means you have highly accurate spread records available in an instant.

You can also select paddocks or areas that you have spread yourself (with non-integrated spread units) and manually add spread data so you can still hold all of the records required to report on your Nitrogen use on one platform.

We are actively working on a number of new reporting tools and visual guides to help you quickly understand where you sit against your overall Nitrogen limits.

Quickly reporting on exactly what nutrients you've used, where it went at what rate and when, and how much more you might be able to apply (if needed) are all critical factors of effective nutrient and environmental management.

HawkEye is committed to making this information even easier for you to visualise and report on.

HawkEye will ensure you have the tools needed to monitor and report on all your nutrient purchases and usage as required by legislation, so you won’t need to create alternative record-keeping to prove your nutrient compliance.

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