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Preparing for Environmental Management reporting

By 2025, all farms in New Zealand will require a Farm Environment Plan (FEP). At its heart, an FEP reflects Good Management Practice, and one thing that all farmers can, and should do as good management practice, is start recording nutrient use on their farm. Ravensdown’s HawkEye makes the first step on that journey both simple and achievable for all farmers, through its web or mobile-enabled map-based ordering.

Easy ways to start recording your nutrients

Keeping good records of your fertiliser usage and having an accurate farm map are an excellent starting point for environmental reporting. Whether you’re using a commercial spreading contractor or self-spreading, Ravensdown’s joint venture spreading contractors, TracMap[1] and C-Dax XC3 controllers, can all feed accurate ‘proof-of-placement’ data automatically into HawkEye. Even if you use a different spreading controller, simply select the paddocks you have spread nutrients on and record your activity details against those paddocks. The benefit of ordering through HawkEye is seeing the actual spread job with all the nutrient information once it is completed – from the order, through the store, to the spreader and then it’s available at your fingertips when and where you need it.

Getting started

If you’d like a map drawn, get in touch with us so we can activate a free HawkEye account for you. Once your profile is up and running, you might be surprised to see the information that’s already available to you within our system. Furthermore, if you have existing farm maps in another system, it’s highly likely we can import them into HawkEye for you. If you wish to draw your own farm map to keep your records against, then this is a possibility too.

If you’d like more information on how HawkEye might suit your farm operation, get in touch and we can talk you through what’s required.

HawkEye Support Team: 0800 73 73 73

HawkEye Support email: info@hawkeye.farm

[1] TracMap integration requires a $125 administration fee annually

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