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Take control: Simplifying nutrient management

“A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step” – so the saying goes. To many, the path to regulated farm environment planning and compliance may feel like a thousand-mile journey.

One thing that anyone can (and should!) do right now on their farm environmental planning journey is to begin recording nutrient use on their farm, even if regulations in your area haven’t yet kicked in. Ravensdown has created HawkEye to make that first step on that journey simple and achievable for all farmers, through map-based ordering on the web or through our mobile app.

The first step

HawkEye can automatically calculate the amount of fertiliser you need based on your land area given your application rate. Simply select the areas you are going to apply fertiliser (from your Agronomy plan or your own choice), set your product and rate, then submit your order. Once you confirm your order it will be placed at the Ravensdown store of your choice and remains a record on your farm map for agronomy and environmental purposes.

It’s never been more important to ensure your vital nutrient investment is going where it needs to go – to achieve your fertility goals and meet your compliance requirements. Once your order is placed in HawkEye, a map of the order is sent to all those involved in the order including you, the store and your spreader (or yourself if self-spreading) – avoiding miscommunication.

The record of your order already puts you on the road to simple nutrient reporting. For many, the next step is getting proof of what was applied. This can happen automatically for those who use Ravensdown joint venture spreaders, Ravensdown Aerowork or spreaders with TracMap technology.

HawkEye also allows you to manually enter on-farm events to make sure you have a complete picture. The future of the technology includes extending the importing of proof of application data from other popular in-vehicle technologies.

Starting nutrient recording using HawkEye ordering is one small step for humankind, and while it might not quite be one giant leap, it’s certainly momentum in the right direction. It gives you the real benefit of putting you in control today – and preparing you for tomorrow.

New technology can be daunting but HawkEye has a team of experts, including your agri manager, to help get you started on the first mile of that bigger journey.

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