The future of HawkEye®

Pasture tools and analysis are now available via HawkEye® including actual and predictive feed wedges, growth rates and strategic feed budgets.

HawkEye®  is a new farm management software that includes the ability to create and edit a farm map, view proof of placement information spatially, soil test visualisation and trending along with agronomy plans and nutrient summaries. 

Why HawkEye? Use of HawkEye provides a dynamic system for the farm and the farming community by collaborating with a number of key partners including C-Dax, Farmax, Rezare and Hyperceptions. Collaboration has enabled a good base platform, with the flexibility for areas to grow and develop where farmers require better integration between their farm management providers.  In essence, a tool that enables smarter farming for a better New Zealand.

A key attribute is an ability for client data sharing, which enables everyone from farm managers, sharemilkers and spreading operator’s to access pasture and application tools, all at the farm owners’ discretion. 

With the new pasture analysis tools, supported by C-Dax devices or manual entry of pasture measurement information, the offering of feed management tools is extensive. With a strong focus on animal demand and production targets, the tools include predictive feed wedges, pasture growth forecasting, strategic feed budgets including feed variances, nitrogen use and efficiency and supplementary feed requirements. 

Enhanced nutrient efficiency and pasture productivity is better for the environment and the farmer’s bottom line. Providing the farming community with a dynamic platform, allowing better nutrient management decisions has been a key motivator for HawkEye. 

Some future features to be deployed include; ordering from maps with agronomy plans, creating permanent and temporary exclusion zones, along with timestamping for these areas. This enables better control of application areas with greater accuracy of calculated tonnages for application and helping ground spreaders apply fertiliser to the highest level of accuracy.

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