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Features and Hazards

Create, maintain and share important points-of-interest on your farm.

The first iteration of farm features and hazards is now available in HawkEye. You can now create, and edit, points lines and polygons of features on you farm.

  • Hazards can be tagged individually
  • An option to view hazards only is available
  • Full control of visibility - view only what you need
  • Examples include: no go zones, shelter belts, buildings, feed pads, buildings, gates, troughs, water reticulation.

Current limitations

  • Exclusion Zones are not currently available
  • Colours, line styles, and symbols are preset and cannot be changed
  • New feature types cannot be created by users - contact us if you need something added

Features, hazards and ordering

We are working on increasing interaction of your farm features when you order.

In the future hazards will be included on your application map, and exclusion zones will be taken into consideration when ordering fertiliser.