A customised sharing and viewing experience

As a farm owner you have the ability to share your farm map and associated data with other HawkEye users.

Preferences can be set for map layer to personalise your HawkEye experience.

Choose how you view your paddocks, blocks, and management zones; update your contact details, or change your password.

Find out more about your account


Sharing your information with other HawkEye users is easy.

  • Choose who to share your farm with, and the level of access they will receive.
  • You can give multiple users different levels of access on each of your farms, depending on your needs.

Modifying, or removing, the permission you have given to other users is simple, and you can see a list of who is sharing their farm with you.


Choose from various labelling options for your paddocks, blocks, and management zones. This theme applies to your map on screen and when printing.

This is also where you will find your personal HawkEye user details, which can be updated and your password changed.

Changing the base map can help with differing light conditions and make large farms, with lots of paddocks or blocks, easier to view.

Partner Collaboration

HawkEye continues to work with industries leaders to provide you with the best technology and information. 

You can take advantage of this information by requesting an Add On to your HawkEye account from the following providers:

  • TracMap
  • C-Dax 
  • Hyperceptions 

If our Partner’s charge a fee for accessing their data, we will pass on those fees with a small administration charge.