Make informed decisions about your farm.

Farm Information gives detailed statistics about your stock and crop, while Farm History keeps track of every action carried out.

We provide comprehensive maps or you can upload a map of your own farm, ensuring that relevant information is up-to-date when you need it.

Take control of your farm by drawing your own paddocks and blocks.

  • Specify the vegetation, soil type, and topography.
  • Select which block(s) each paddock belongs to.
  • Use management zones to select multiple blocks or paddocks at once.

Not only can you create your own farm areas, but previously-created shapefiles can be imported into HawkEye, so you can get started immediately.

Farm Info

Seeing your farm data is an important part of managing your farm. In some circumstances viewing this data in a table may be more effective than on the map. Your Farm Information page displays data such as the paddock names and areas, as well as the most recent events recorded on your farm.

A number of useful tools are also available, allowing you to easily manage the details for all your land areas as well as manually recorded events.

Farm History

An accurate record of historic farm events is a key component of managing and keeping track of what has occurred on the farm over time.

Having all this historic information on hand, and easily accessible, helps with future planning and decision making. Whether it is automatically loaded against your farm through the use of C-Dax and other HawkEye supported spreading technologies, or manually created events, HawkEye allows you to easily build up a detailed farm history right down to the individual paddock.


Activities allow you to view and record events that have happened on your farm. There are a range of activity categories: from Fertiliser application, pasture measurement through to grazing.

Recording your activities in HawkEye helps you with:

  • Keep a record of what has happened on farm
  • Look through past events to compare seasons 
  • Keep track of regrassing or fertiliser applications 
  • Compliance information in one area 

Spreading trucks and aircraft with C-Dax and TracMap controllers will automatically upload to your account once they are linked.