A simple, swift approach to ordering.

HawkEye offers you a quick and easy way to order Ravensdown fertiliser products.

Order from an Agronomy Plan (prepared by your Ravensdown Agri Manager) or choose from our range of Ravensdown's most popular bulk fertiliser products*.

Select paddocks from your farm map and add a spread rate. HawkEye will automatically calculate the amount of fertiliser you require.

Once the order is submitted, a copy of the order and an application map will be sent to your selected spreader.

Proof of placement data will be automatically uploaded to HawkEye for all Ravensdown Joint Venture spreaders once the job is complete, or if you have TracMap integration and use a participating TracMap spreader.

Read more about ordering >

Agchem, animal health, bagged fertiliser and silo fills can still be ordered through My Ravensdown.

Split orders (e.g. nitrogen split between Farm Owner and Share Milker) are not available through HawkEye at present - please call for help with these orders.

Order Ravensdown products

Ravensdown's most popular bulk fertiliser products will be available in HawkEye. You can order fertiliser applications for paddocks and blocks with a few clicks of your mouse.

If you don't have a trading account with Ravensdown, find out how to get started here.

Order from Agronomy Plan

Once you have planned out your season's agronomy needs, you can order straight from the plan. This helps ensure accuracy, and assists with compliance and budgeting.

Call us, or your local Ravensdown Agri Manager, to find out more about Agronomy Plans.

HawkEye Mobile

New smartphone app, that will allow you to order in the field.

Order fertiliser and spreading for your Management Zones.

Multi-rate application.