Optimise your soil for the best results possible.

Our reporting tools provide a holistic view of what has taken place on your farm. Use HawkEye to report on soil fertility, a summary of the nutrients applied to your land and a view of applied vs planned.

Our report tools are easy to use, allow for multiple soil types and you can view multiple reports over time. With the ability to easily identify nutrients deficiencies, this makes your decisions about dressings more informed, to ensure you are getting the best results possible.

When you get your farm soil tested by ARL or, your Agronomy plan from a Ravensdown Agri manager your reports will appear in HawkEye.

Soil Test Results

  • View test results in a table mapped against optimal for that test.
  • See which paddocks have been tested, and when over a period of time.
  • Toggle between different test types and visually see the results on the map.
  • Observe trending patterns in a graph over a period of years as your data builds.
  • Test scenarios of cropping options against known results to compare against optimal for that crop.

Nutrient Summary

This provides a concise view of the nutrients applied to your farm.

Nutrient Summary is an important tool for keeping track of the nutrients applied to your farm, allowing you to view current and historic inputs.

With changing regulations across all regions, analysis tools like these have become a key part in helping farmers meet their regulatory requirements.

Agronomy Plan

View the blocks of your plan on the map with the proposed dressing options available to you.

Compare planned applications for the year against actual applications by date range to monitor how you are progressing against your plan.