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Features and hazards

My Farm

Features and hazards are key to efficient farm mapping. Create, maintain and share important points of interest on your farm.

Features and hazards can only be created and maintained by users with Owner or Manager level access to their farm.

Features and hazards can be tagged individually and printed or shared with visitors to your farm.

How to create Features and hazards

  • Once logged in, navigate to My Farm > Create Feature or Hazard
  • Name your feature and select the feature type from the drop-down list
  • Draw or place the feature on your map
  • Mark as hazard if required
  • Add any relevant notes then Save

To view feature and hazards on your farm select the Layer list widget (2 layered squares) and check Features and Hazards, or Show Hazards Only

Information and editing

  • On your farm map, select My Farm > Features and Hazards
  • Turn the visibility off of the feature or hazard by clicking the green visibility bar

To edit select the appropriate feature or hazard and click View Details. From here select Edit to change the name, type, visibility, notes and position as well as turning the hazard function on or off. Then Save.

Current limitations

  • Exclusion Zones are not currently available
  • Colours, line styles, and symbols are pre-set and cannot be changed
  • New feature types cannot be created by users - contact us if you need something added
  • Identification of your feature or hazard are not included on ordering confirmation emails or maps