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Nutrient Summary


HawkEye®  has the ability to show the products and their nutrient make-up which have been applied to your farm over a selected period of time. The information is collected from activities, such as fertiliser or effluent applications which have taken place.

How do I get my nutrient summary?

Start at Reports > Nutrient Summary, and follow these steps to see your nutrient use:

  • Select the desired land areas on your map, or from the list within the pane
  • Click on show summary
  • This will open a new pane showing the nutrients applied to the selected area over the date range you selected
  • You can expand or refine the date range - simply click on the date and change to the required time period
  • Select apply and the results will be updated

How to export your Nutrient Summary

HawkEye also lets you export your Nutrient Summary to one of two files types: CSV or Excel. Follow these steps to export your Nutrient Summary:

  • Retrieve your Nutrient Summary for your selected areas and time period
  • Once the results are visible click on export
  • This will give you export file type options - choose your preferred option
  • Your file will download, and a notification will appear on the lower half of your browser

Can I use my Nutrient Summary for Synlaits Lead with Pride?

The Nutrient Summary provided by HawkEye will satisfy the requirements of the Synlait Lead with Pride programme as it summarises any fertiliser records that are held in HawkEye, whether from a spreader truck or aircraft, or self-created. Ravensdown also provides a year end summary of fertiliser purchase to all shareholders that can also be provided to Synlait.

Why are my Nutrient Summary spread rates different from my Proof of Placement rate?

Proof of placement maps from your spreader show the actual rate that fertiliser was applied, as it left the truck.

Nutrient summary rates can vary slightly as they will consider:

  • Any overlaps the truck may have made to avoid areas in the paddock such as troughs, bull holes etc
  • Any areas that are bypassed (like those mentioned above) and where the truck has turned at the end of each run

For the best experience in HawkEye, we recommend using Google Chrome.

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