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Order a Special Mix


Create a mix specific to your farm from Ravensdown's most popular bulk fertiliser products and trace elements.

Ordering is only available to users with Owner or Manager level access to their farm.

Special mixes

Special mixes are a combination of two or more products that are blended together. You can choose from Ravensdown's most popular bulk fertiliser products and trace elements to create a mix specific to your farm.

Not all products go well together. Some mixes can be highly volatile; others will absorb moisture, generate heat, or quickly seize up. A summary can be found on the Ravensdown Product Compatibility Chart.

For health and safety reasons all special mixes are checked by a member of our technical team to ensure compatibility prior to despatch.

How to order

  • Once logged in, navigate to Order > Order Product and Spread.
  • Select No, this is a standalone order then click Continue.
  • In the Product box choose Create special mix… from the top of the list.
  • Select your products and enter the spread rate for each.
  • Click Add Another Product to add an extra product line.
  • To remove a product, click the X at the end of the row.
  • Once all products have been selected, give your mix a name.
  • Click Select Areas to choose the paddocks you are ordering for.
  • Click Finish in the bottom right corner after making your selection.
  • HawkEye will calculate the amount of product required based on the effective area and spread rate.
  • Click Next to proceed.

Spread rate for trace elements is set based on standard application rates. If you require a different rate please call us.


  • Choose your desired dispatch date.
  • Name your order.
  • Enter a customer reference, if required.
  • Select the contact person, store, delivery address, spreader, and transporter.
  • Add any notes/special instructions that may be needed.
  • Click Next to proceed.

The lead-time for special mixes is two days. Please call us to discuss your options if you need your mix earlier.

Review the information on the Order Summary screen. You can edit order details or logistics prior to placing your order. You can also View PDF of Spread file, which will  open (in a new browser tab) a draft copy of the order confirmation and application map. This PDF will be emailed to you and your chosen spreader once the order has been submitted.

You must agree to Ravensdown’s Terms of Trade before clicking Place order.

First time ordering?

Your account must have current credit facilities with Ravensdown to order through HawkEye. Find out how to get started with Ravensdown here, or give us a call on 0800 73 73 73.