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What is a widget?

My Farm

There are six handy icons, known as widgets, in the top right-hand corner of your map. Each one has a different function.

Show Selected

Shows only those paddocks, blocks, and management zones that are currently selected. This is useful if you have a lot of land units and only want to see those you are working with. Click again to toggle and show all.


Change the method used to select paddocks, blocks, and management zones. Select by point allows you to choose one at a time (this is the default). You can also draw a line through, or a shape around, a group of land areas to select them simultaneously. This is a quick way to create a block from many paddocks. Double-click to finish.


Create, edit, and quickly navigate using your own bookmarks. Bookmarks allow you to save favourite and frequently viewed areas on your farm map. Note that you can only see bookmarks for the current farm you are viewing.

Change base map

Change the background map of your farm: aerial, dark canvas, light canvas, topographic, or no map. Changing the base map can help with differing light conditions and make large farms, with lots of paddocks or blocks, easier to view.

Layer list

Select which land areas you want to have visible on your map. You can choose from paddocks, blocks, and management zones. In the future, there will be more layers you can view on the map.


This allows you to measure distances and areas on your map. Draw a line, or shape, with your mouse; or by tapping with a touch-screen enabled device. You can also export this information to GPS.


You have the ability to print your map in A4 or A3 Landscape or portrait, add titles and choose between PDF(default) or PNG format. Draw the area you wish to print or print your pre-made bookmarks.

Alongside printing your map, you can also include:

• Agronomy plans, including Planned vs Applied
• Soil test results
• Activities that have taken place

The below features will soon be included in your print options:

• Printing your Feed Wedge
• Adding text to your document
• Information about your Activities and Agronomy plan

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My Farm

The History feature provides details of applications, events and edits that have been made to areas on your farm.

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Sharing and permissions

My Farm My Account

As a Farm Owner you can share your farm map and associated data with other HawkEye users.

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User preferences

My Farm My Account

Choose how you view your paddocks, blocks, and management zones, update your contact details, or change your password.

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