Evidence-based decision-making tools for pasture production and pasture use.

Use HawkEye to predict feed, make strategic feed decisions, and calculate nitrogen use efficiency. Improve and compare with trending tools related to feed wedge capability.

Feed Wedge 

  • Displays your total biomass, pasture cover and growth, all derived from your farm's pasture readings and pasture growth.

Predictive Feed Wedge

  • Display an interactive feed wedge that predicts pasture production and consumption.

Strategic Feed Budget

  • Identify feed variances and stock levels.
  • Calculate nitrogen use and supplementary feed required to meet production targets.
  • Identify animal numbers, feed requirements, supplements, and total grazing through the season.


  • Upload your C-Dax pasture readings to HawkEye to provide you with a feed wedge, growth rates and predictive feed wedge.

Download the C-Dax uploader

Feed Wedge

Feed Wedge is a tool that gives a picture of your current pasture and ranks the paddocks based on average pasture cover.

Use this to gauge your feed supply and assist with ensuring the quality of your pasture for your stock. Enter in your pasture cover requirements and create a customized demand line so you can monitor your feed availability and quality.

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Predictive Feed Wedge

Display your feed situation as predicted pasture is grown and consumed. This tool utilises inputs of grazing animals and pasture intake, as well as a data feed from the Pasture Growth Forecaster (licensed from Farmax) and combines this with pasture cover data and paddock areas. 

You can even select a paddock and “apply N” to boost pasture growth and help to mitigate feed deficits.
Read more about the predictive feed wedge here 

Strategic Feed Budget

Our strategic feed budget can help you budget your feed intake needs for the season on your dairy farm.

It can identify feed variances so adjustments can be made to stocking levels, nitrogen use, and supplementary feed ahead of committing to production targets and encountering a feed shortage.

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