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Agronomy Plan


Agronomy plans can be viewed on your farm map to see projected fertiliser use, and compare actual versus planned applications.

Viewing Agronomy plans

To view your plan, start at Reports > Agronomy plans and follow these steps:

  • Select the option required, then show on map
  • Once the map opens, the dressings and options of your plan are listed at the bottom of your screen
  • If there are multiple options, there is a drop down box that allows you to select the option required
  • If you only want to see certain blocks, clicking on the tick box next to the block name will toggle their visibility on/off

Note: if your mouse hovers over a block, a summary dressing and product information will be provided about your Agronomy plan.

Viewing Planned versus Actual against your Agronomy Plan

If your Agronomy plan is uploaded to HawkEye, you can view the planned product application against actual applications. Existing information is visible whether applied by a GPS enabled vehicle, or as a manually created event by a user.

To compare your planned vs actual:

  • Select your plan and click show on map
  • Once your plan is loaded, a tool will appear on the lower right-hand side of the map with a compare icon
  • The information panel will still be visible below the maps however, the map splits into two with planned on the left and applied on the right. Hovering over a block (or application) will show details for both planned and actual information
  • Clicking on view graph invokes a comparison graph to show further details of comparisons for both products and nutrients
  • Clicking on the back arrow on  the lower right-hand side of the map to go back

What if I can’t see my plan?

Currently, only Ravensdown Agronomy Plans are visible within HawkEye. If you are unable to see your plan, contact HawkEye support on 0800 73 73 73.

For the best experience in HawkEye, we recommend using Google Chrome.

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