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Editing your Farm

My Farm

Made some changes to your farm map?

You can easily change your paddocks, management zones and blocks in HawkEye from the modify tab.

Modifying your paddocks or management zones 

To change an area on your farm, go to My Farm > Modify then select which type of area you wish to modify. 

Changing the shape 

  • Select the paddock or management zone you wish to change either from the list or the farm map
  • Only one area can be changed at a time however if a shared boundary is changed that area will also be modified
  • Click on Change shape
  • Click, hold and drag points to adjust your boundary
  • Click on finish once you are done with your changes
  • Update details as required then click Save Changes  

Joining areas together 

  • Select two or more neighbouring paddocks or management zones 
  • Click on Join > Yes
  • Update details as required then click Save Changes

Splitting areas

  • Select the area you wish to split, you can only split one area at a time
  • Click on Split
  • On the map, draw from one boundary of the selected area to the other where you would like the area to be split
  • Click on Finish
  • Update the details as required then click Save Changes

Creating a nested area

  • Select the paddock or management zone where you want the nested area
  • Click on Create Nested 
  • Draw your nested area inside the selected area.  Nested areas must be fully within the area boundaries, if you wish to have a different area on the boundary us the split area option
  • Click on Finish
  • Update details as required then Save Changes 

Modifying a block

  • Select the block you wish to change from the block list or select on the map 
  • Click on add or remove parts of a block 
  • Add or remove paddock and management zones either by clicking on the map or using the list
  • Amending blocks can affect your Ravensdown agronomy plan, talk to your agri manager if you wish to change blocks in your plans
  • Update name if required then click on Save Changes

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