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Land area units

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A land area unit (LAU) is any paddock, block or management zone. Together, these components form the basis of your farm map.

Creating land area units

You can create LAU's yourself, or our Service Support team can draw these for you for a fee if you provide an up to date farm map. If you are currently using another farm mapping system, you may be able to upload your shapefiles to HawkEye by emailing the files to


Paddocks are the most common land area unit in HawkEye. Simple to use tools are provided to enable you to capture your paddocks to help manage your farm within HawkEye. The aerial imagery background helps with this, especially when you zoom into a large scale.


A block is a group of paddocks (or management zones) linked together so they can be managed in a similar way. For example, you might plant five paddocks in maize; by establishing these as a block you can then manage events that are happening on these paddocks as a single management unit. Blocks are mainly used for the creation of an Agronomy plan where fertiliser and/or chemical applications for the year are planned.

Management Zones

A management zone is an area of land that can be drawn freehand and can cross paddock boundaries. An example of how you might use these is where you may have four paddocks meeting at a centre point. There may be an area of weeds that is a single area but crosses all four paddocks. If you draw a single management zone around the extent of the weeds, you can select it, then record a spraying application on that management zone, but importantly, the history of the four paddocks will also hold that detail.

If you have imagery that has been captured for you and would like it in HawkEye, please contact us for information.

Call our Service Support team on 0800 73 73 73 to find out more.

For the best experience in HawkEye, we recommend using Google Chrome.

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