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N190 Heat Map


With new nitrogen limits on farm, checking your nitrogen fertiliser applications throughout the season is going to be vital to ensure you are staying compliant. Check your farms nitrogen usage using the new N190 Heat Map.

What is the N190 Heat Map?

The N190 heat map is a colour coded visual representation of the nitrogen fertiliser you have applied on farm by paddock. As fertiliser applications increase, the map colours change from green to yellow to red as you approach 190 units of nitrogen applied. The date defaults to the year beginning the 1st July to match with current regulatory reporting dates. The map also includes a table showing the effective area of the paddock, N applied in kg/ha, and a running total of where your paddocks are in relation to N190. Generate your heat map under Reports>Nutrient Reports.

How are the nitrogen levels calculated?

The nitrogen levels come from all fertiliser applications that have been recorded on farm. These can come from Ravensdown joint venture spreading data, TracMap spread data, and from manual recording of activities. The figures exclude any effluent applications you may have recorded on farm. If there are no nitrogen applications for a paddock it will not be included on the heat map. 

Why N190?

The new National Environmental Standards for Freshwater include an N cap of 190kg/ha for synthetic nitrogen fertiliser use on pastoral land. These came into force on July 1st 2021 and dairy farmers will be required to report their figures to their local regional council in July 2022. Read more about the limits here.

Can I change the date range?

Yes, you can change the date range using the date picker. You can choose from the preselected date ranges or select custom dates. The default date range for the heat map is 1st July - 30th June. 

For the best experience in HawkEye, we recommend using Google Chrome.

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