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N190 Landholdings


Create your landholdings for nitrogen cap reporting easily with HawkEye. 

What is a contiguous landholding?

A contiguous landholding is any block of connected land belonging to a farming operation. If a farm has several unconnected blocks separated by land not belonging to the farm, each block is a separate contiguous landholding. Blocks separated by roads, rail, or waterways such as rivers and creeks are still classified as contiguous.

Illustration supplied by DairyNZ

Creating a landholding 

To create a landholding: 

  • Go to Reports > Nitrogen Reporting.
  • Select Create.
  • Enter your landholding name. This can be any name to refer to the farm.
  • Enter your NZ business number as your ID.
  • Select your dairy company
  • Enter your dairy supply number
  • Select the paddocks and/or management zones that belong to the landholding from the map or list.
    Note that paddocks and management zones cannot overlap in a landholding. 
  • Update the farm area. The full farm area should include any unmapped farm areas such as laneways and dairy sheds. Any areas not mapped will be included in the ungrazed area for reporting purposes.
  • Select your regional council(s) from the list.
  • Select Save.

Your landholding will now be available to create reports. Create additional landholdings by selecting New landholding.

Editing a landholding 

To edit an existing landholding:

  • Select the landholding from the Your Landholdings pane.
  • Select Edit landholding.
  • Edit relevant details.
  • Select Save to store your changes. 

Your landholding will now be updated with your changes and you are ready to assign your land categories.
Note that any paddock or management zone modifications will affect the nitrogen report calculations. 

The video below takes you through creating a landholding as well as creating and editing the categories within a landholding.

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