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N190 Nitrogen Report


Let us do the math for you. Generate your nitrogen cap reports for council using HawkEye.

The 190kg N/ha/yr cap applies to all grazed pastoral land from 1 July to 30 June the following year. The rule applies to all farms 20 hectares or larger though only dairy farmers are required to report starting the 2021/22 year. The cap applies to all synthetic nitrogen fertilisers where the dry weight is more than 5% nitrogen. 

By 31 July each year, all dairy farmers will need to report their nitrogen fertiliser use to their regional council for each contiguous landholding. Any contiguous land to the dairy, whether used as part of the platform or not, will also need to be reported on. 

You will need to supply the following information about your landholding(s) for your regional council.

  • kg N/ha/yr and total hectares for Grazed land, grazed forage, grazed non-forage and ungrazed land
  • Proof of purchase of nitrogen application.
  • Product applied with application dates and N%. 

How to generate the report

The nitrogen report 

The N report shows the hectares, total nitrogen applied and kg N/ha/yr for each land category and overarching category. The information required for council is the kg N/ha/yr and total hectares for Grazed land, grazed forage, grazed non-forage (sum of grazed pasture and grazed harvest crop*) and ungrazed land. Note that the grazed pasture and grazed harvest crop figures are supplied for your reference.

How does the calculation work?

HawkEye will look across the nitrogen applications in the given date ranges for each of the land categories. It will then calculate the total N applied and average Nitrogen kg/ha for the year for each land category and overall for the grazed land. The sum of the grazed and ungrazed land may not equal the total landholding hectares as areas can be classified as both for different times of the year. Any difference between the mapped area and the landholding area is included in the ungrazed land hectares.
*If a paddock is in grazed forage crop and grazed harvest and/or grazed pasture during the reporting year, the nitrogen applied will all be reported under the grazed forage crop figure.  

The product report 

The product report provides a list of the products applied, the dates of application and the N% of that product. Rates are not included as only the overall numbers need to be reported. 


This report will show all your Ravensdown purchases that contain Nitrogen for the reporting year (1st July - 30th June) selected. If you have multiple properties on your HawkEye account all sales will show. This is OK for reporting as the regional councils are aware that some farms may purchase via a single account.  You can add additional invoices to the report via the sales summary under reports.

We recommended you keep invoices on hand for auditing purposes including any invoices that do not show on HawkEye.  

Do I need to supply all my application data as well?

No. This information is not required at the reporting level but needs to be kept on hand if requested. The supporting information will be provided with the Nitrogen report and will include the fertiliser name, % nitrogen, and dates of applications as per your recorded activities.  Proof of purchase data will also be generated as a record. 

How do I submit my report to council?

  • From the land categories page or report page select Submit report.
  • Check your landholding information and contact details are correct 
    • You can edit if any information is missing or incorrect
  • Select yes if you have complied with the 190kg/N/ha cap on pastoral land.
  • Select no if you have not complied with the 190kg/N/ha cap on pastoral land
  • Select Submit report
  • Read the data use agreement.
  • Select Submit.

Your report will now change from 100% complete to submitted in the reports menu 

When is this due?

Your nitrogen use information is due to council by the 31st July for the previous reporting year.

Read more about the nitrogen fertiliser cap here.

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