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Nutrient Summary


HawkEye®  has the ability to show the products (and their nutrient make-up) that have been applied to your farm over a selected period of time. The information is collected from activities, such as fertiliser or effluent applications which have taken place.

How do I get my nutrient summary?

Start at Reports > Nutrient Reports > Nutrient Summary, and follow these steps to see your nutrient use:

  • Select the desired land areas units (LAUs) on your map, or from the list within the pane
  • You can only view the nutrient summary for one type of LAU at a time (paddock, management zones or blocks)
  • Select your desired date range. The default date range is from the 1st June to the current date
  • Click on generate report
  • This will open a new pane showing the nutrients applied to the selected area over the previous year
  • You can apply filters, change the date or update the view settings as this point

How do I filter my results?

You can filter the nutrient summary either before you run the report or after the report has been run. You can filter by:

  • Effluent. The report automatically excludes effluent recordings but you can change the report to include effluent or report only on effluent
  • Nutrients.Select only the nutrients you want the report to run on (NPKS etc)
  • Product. Select which products you would like to see in the report. This is currently limited to standard product lines and does not include any special mix products

How can I change my nutrient summary report settings?

Once you have run the nutrient summary report, you are able to change what columns you see in the report table.

  • Select Settings 
  • Tick or untick the table labels to change what is shown on your report
  • If you would like to keep these as your default settings, select remember these settings 
  • Select Apply to change your settings

How to export your nutrient summary

HawkEye also lets you export your Nutrient Summary to one of two files types: CSV or Excel. Follow these steps to export your Nutrient Summary:

  • Retrieve your Nutrient Summary for your selected areas and time period
  • Once the results are visible click on export
  • This will give you export file type options - choose your preferred option
  • Your file will download, and a notification will appear on the lower half of your browser

Can I use my Nutrient Summary for Synlaits Lead with Pride?

The Nutrient Summary provided by HawkEye will satisfy the requirements of the Synlait Lead with Pride program as it summarises any fertiliser records that are held in HawkEye, whether from a spreader truck, aircraft or self-created. Ravensdown also provides a year end statement of fertiliser purchase to all shareholders that can also be provided to Synlait.

Why are my Nutrient Summary spread rates different from my Proof of Placement rate?

Proof of placement maps from your spreader show the actual rate that fertiliser was applied, as it left the truck.

Nutrient summary rates can vary slightly as they will consider:

  • Any overlaps the truck may have made to avoid areas in the paddock such as troughs, bull holes etc
  • Any areas that are bypassed (like those mentioned above) and where the truck has turned at the end of each run

What is the area weighted total?

The area weighted total shows the average rate across the effective area of the paddock, management zone or block and total selected areas. This will not always be equal to the sum of the nutrients applied as the area spread may not equal to the effective area of the paddock. This can be due to exclusion zones, variable rate spreading and paddocks where management zones have been used for applications. 

What is the difference between the spread area and the effective areas?

The spread area is the actual area of the paddock or management zone that was spread. The effective area is the total effective area of the paddock or management zone as shown in My Farm information. 

What is product applied?

Product applied is the total amount of product applied to the paddock.  It is calculated as the spread area multiplied by the spread rate. 

For the best experience in HawkEye, we recommend using Google Chrome.

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