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Order Mobile

Increase your productivity and save time with HawkEye Mobile - order fertliser and spreading while in the field.

HawkEye Mobile is available to download from the Apple Store and Google Play.

Ordering is only available to users with Owner or Manager level access to their farm.

How to order

  • Once logged in, just start clicking on the map to select you areas to spread.
    You can turn the Exclusion zones on by tapping the layer icon at the top right.
  • Click New Order at the bottom of the map.
  • Select whether you want a Standalone Product and Spread, or a Spread Request when you have product onsite.
  • Select the required Product - you can scroll through or type to search available Ravensdown bulk fertilisers.
  • Type in a Rate (kg/ha) that you want to spread at. Your required quantity will update at the bottom of the page.
    If you have any exclusion zones in your selected paddocks, these will be removed from the effective area when calculating the total hectares for the order. 
  • Add another rate for the same product you are spreading if you need to.  Add to a total of six different rates.
  • You can edit the areas you have selected at any time. Just click on the map to add or remove paddocks. Clicking on the list icon at the bottom of the map will change to a list view if you prefer. Clicking on the pointer icon will bring you back to the map.
  • Clicking Next will take you to Logistics.

HawkEye Mobile does not currently include the ability to order special mixes, or from your Agronomy Plan.


  • Choose your desired dispatch date.
  • Name your order.
  • Enter a customer reference, if required.
  • Select the contact person, store, delivery address, spreader, and transporter.
  • Add any notes/special instructions that may be needed. This includes ticking for your order to be bagged or to have N-splits.
  • You can place the order directly by clicking Order now, or you can add it to your cart to action later by clicking Add to cart.

The lead-time for online orders is one day. Please call us to discuss your options if you need your fertiliser earlier.

  • Review the information on the Summary screen. You can hit the back icon to order details or logistics prior to placing your order. You can also Preview on Map to see a larger map of the paddocks that you have selected by clicking the magnifying glass on the map.
  • Clicking on the orange Edit button will let you update your order before sending if you see an error.

You must agree to Ravensdown’s Terms of Trade before clicking Place order.

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First time ordering?

Your account must have current credit facilities with Ravensdown to order through HawkEye. Find out how to get started with Ravensdown here, or give us a call on 0800 73 73 73.