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Predictive Feed Wedge


Predictive Feed Wedge shows you up to 14-days prediction of your pasture cover and available feed which is derived from your farm's pasture readings. The number of days depend on how long ago you measured your pasture.

NB: Calculations are based on Farmax’s Predictive Growth Forecaster which is based on New Zealand specific weather and environmental conditions for your area, hence this tool is not suitable for use outside of New Zealand.

Using the Predictive Feed Wedge

Start with Analysis> Predictive Feed Wedge and follow these steps:

  • Select your location and block. Note, if you have more than 1 farm location, you will need to select which one you wish to view. See Bookmarks help for more information on these system locations.
  • Enter the number of animals and their intake. Note that currently the number of animals will need to be entered each time you use the tool.
  • Select irrigated if this applies to your paddock. 
  • Choose your profile available water to indicate how much is available for plant growth.
  • Select your Pregrazing and Post-grazing residuals, if you need help working these out please use our calculator.

After adding in your settings, click on the Display predictions button to refresh calculations and draw your graph. Clicking on the Play animation button will show pasture growth over a period of 14 days. Predicted growth will be shown in green. Hovering over the bar areas of the graph will provide the values of kg DM/ha either measured or predicted.

Click on the slider bar to pause the animation or to select which day over the 14-day period to view.

Making changes to your wedge:

  • Add/drop-out paddocks – Drop paddocks that are not in your rotation
  • Export – Export data to an Excel or CSV file
  • Apply Nitrogen – Scenarios can be tested with the simulated or actual application of Nitrogen to selected paddocks or if you have applied products with Nitrogen in them over the past 14 days, you will need to add the information in for accuracy.
  • Paddock: select the paddock you wish to add the Nitrogen to
  • Date: select the date of the application
  • Rate of Nitrogen applied: kg N/ha
  • Enter a Response rate
  • Add a Response length

Make sure you select recalculate once changes have been made.

For the best experience in HawkEye, we recommend using Google Chrome.

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