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Sales Reports


View and compare your sales history and applications easily in HawkEye.

Sales Summary 

The sales summary shows all your Ravensdown fertiliser purchases. You can also choose to view the NPKS of the products purchased. The nutrient information is the % nutrients per tonne of product. If you have access at farm owner level you can also opt see the invoice amount via settings.

How to access your sales summary

  • Go to Reports > Sales Reports.
  • Select Sales Summary
  • The date range with default to 1st June to the current date. You can change the date using the date range filter.
  • NPKS can be added via the settings or filter.
  • Farm owners can turn on invoice amounts via the settings. 
  • The summary is able to be printed or exported to excel or CSV.

Adding an invoice 

You can also add your own additional invoices to the report.  This can allow you to include information on purchases made by sharemilkers or from other accounts. 

  • Go to Reports > Sales Reports.
  • Select Sales Summary.
  • Select Add Invoice
  • Select the product from the or create your own product.
  • Enter the amount dispatched.
  • Select the unit of measure (MT or LT).
  • Enter the Company the product was purchased from.
  • Enter the cost (if required)
  • Select the date collected. 
  • Enter your invoice number.
  • Select Save.

Sales versus Applications

The sales versus applications summary allows you to view your fertiliser purchases against your applications recorded in HawkEye. This can be used to check your applications have been recorded correctly. 

How to access the sales versus application summary

  • Go to Reports > Sales Reports.
  • Select Sales vs Application Summary.
  • The date range will default to 1st July to the current date. You can change the date using the filter.
  • To see a monthly breakdown click on a product name to expand the table. 
    Note the applied data may not be exactly the same as the sales data due to normal variation that occurs from GPS recorded data, paddock boundaries and rounding during calculations.
  • The summary is able to be printed or exported to excel or CSV.

The video below takes you through viewing your slaes history in HawkEye as well as how to add an invoice for product that is not listed. This may be in the event of a sharemilker purchase, or from another provider. The information will flow through into your N-Cap report for your regional council. The other view is of sales vs applications so you can reconcile what you have ordered vs what you have received back as an application of fertiliser.

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