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Sharing and permissions

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As a Farm Owner you can share your farm map and associated data with other HawkEye users.

Sharing HawkEye information with other users.

To share your farm with someone, they must already have a HawkEye user account. If they don't, you will need to invite them to create an account before you can share your farm with them.

How to share my farm with my farm manager

  • Navigate to My Account > Share Access
  • Enter their email address, and click Validate
  • Select the Farm Manager permission level next to the farm(s) you want to share
  • We will send a farm sharing invite to their email address with instructions to help them complete the sharing process

When you click validate, our system checks to see if the email address is already associated with a HawkEye account. If you receive an error message, please check the email address you entered. Alternatively, you can send an invitation email to get them started in HawkEye.

How to share my farm with a worker?

Farm Owners can also share their farm(s) with workers in the same manner, by entering their email and assigning Farm Worker permission level to the appropriate farm(s). We will send an email invite with instructions to complete the sharing process.

I want to share my farm with a user who doesn’t have a HawkEye user account

If you enter an email address that is not associated with a user account in HawkEye, you can send an invitation email to get them started in HawkEye. Just click on the invite button.

If you receive an invitation to share a farm and dont have a HawkEye account, please contact our Service Support team to set up your account. 

Farms and permission

  • Only farms that you have ownership level permission of will be listed
  • You can always delegate farm owner permission to any valid HawkEye user
  • There is no limit to the number of users with ownership level permission on each farm
  • You can give one user different levels of access on each of your farms, depending on your needs

Modify sharing access of those I have shared with

You can go into Modify Access to edit or remove your Farm Managers and Farm Workers. Just select the user and modify their settings.

How to remove a Farm that is shared with me

At any time you can remove your access to any shared farms by going to the Shared With Me pane and clicking the rubbish bin next to the farm in question. Be aware that if you do this in error, you cannot undo it. You will need to contact your Farm Owner to reinstate your access.

Permission levels

These are the current levels of permission available in HawkEye. Future releases will contain enhancements to allow more refined sharing abilities.

Farm Owner Full access. Can also share access to other users.
Farm Manager Can edit farm and order products. Cannot share access.
Farm Worker Can only view farm information. Cannot order product or share access.
C-Dax XC3 Allows the user to only view your farm on an XC3 controller. They cannot access your farm within HawkEye.

For the best experience in HawkEye, we recommend using Google Chrome.

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Logging in

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To login simply click on the Login button at the top right of any page on our website:, then enter your username and password.

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