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Soil test results


If you have had whole farm soil testing or any other GPS-based soil testing by Analytical Research Laboratories (ARL), this is available in HawkEye® 

How do I view my soil test results

Click on the Soil Tests results menu under on Reports tab. This will open up the options you have to filter what soil test results you can view on the map and find more information about.

What can I filter by?

  • Date Range
  • Crop tested
  • Nutrient tested
  • Depth of test - 7.5cm (pastoral) or 15cm (crop)
  • Whether you want to see results for the whole farm or just a block

Crop Optimals

You can view what the results would look like versus what is optimal for other crop types. For example, you may have had your farm tested for pasture, but want to view what the test results might look like for Maize. The values showing in the dots will remain the same (they are the actual test results) however the colour of where Maize sits within the optimal for the nutrient being viewed may be different.

Viewing your transects

Soil test transects change from simple coloured dots, to dots with test results on them, to dots with the whole transect placement showing as you zoom in on your map. Some transects will have an outer circle symbol around the soil test value, this means that there has been more than one test done along this transect line.

Viewing the test results and trend graphs

After selecting the soil test of interest in the pane, a graph will be displayed showing the main test results coloured by the optimal values for the crop that it was tested for. You have the option to view your test result optimal by a different crop type. Click on view by to change this. You can click on the Trend Graph tab at the top of the page to go to viewing trends.

Once in the Trend Graph tab, you can change the data you are viewing by either selecting a different Nutrient test, or by selecting a different optimal crop type to view by. As your soil test data-sets grow over time, the trend graph can become useful as a monitoring tool for your soil health.

For the best experience in HawkEye, we recommend using Google Chrome.

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