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Reports Order

Using HawkEye to order Ravensdown fertiliser (with spreading by your preferred spreader) will automatically send your order request to the store and contractor(s) of choice.

Completed spread jobs will also appear automatically in HawkEye as a proof of placement maps*.

This means all your needs for reporting applied nutrients to Synlait is automatically available via Nutrient Summary reporting in HawkEye.

The Nutrient Summary summarises all fertiliser records that are held in HawkEye whether from a spreader truck, aircraft, or self-created. Ravensdown also supplies a year end summary of fertiliser purchase to all shareholders that can be provided to Synlait.

*Proof of placement is only available when using Ravensdown Joint Venture or TracMap-enabled spreaders that has opted in to providing data to HawkEye.

To find out if you have a Ravensdown Joint Venture Spreader in your area, call us on 0800 73 73 73, or email

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