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TracMap FAQs

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Take a look at the most frequently asked questions.

What happens to my order when I enter it in HawkEye?

  • Your order will automatically be sent to your Spreader’s TracMap Online system ready for scheduling to the truck
  • Once the job is complete the proof of placement will be returned to your HawkEye Account

Do I need to own the farm to request TracMap data?

  • Farm owners can request TracMap data as of right now. Click here to find out how to register online
  • If you DO NOT own the farm, you will need to provide written authorisation from the farm owner giving permission

Can I use any TracMap Spreader?

  • Spreaders must give permission for spreading data to flow from and to HawkEye
  • TracMap will liaise directly with Spreaders as opt-in requests are received from you.
  • If you use multiple spreaders who use TracMap you need to request integration with each of these spreaders (charge is by farm not by spreader, so no additional cost if you have multiple spreaders)

What spread data will come through?

  • Fertiliser application: both ground and aerial.
  • Agrochemical spray data

When will my proof of placement appear in HawkEye?

  • Once the spreader has completed your job in TracMap, it should be available in HawkEye within a couple of hours.
  • If the Spreader does not complete the job it will auto-complete after 60 days, then be available.
  • If you think you are missing a proof of placement, please contact your Spreader directly to see if there is an issue at their end.

How accurate is the spread data?

  • We rely on spreaders entering correct information when completing the job.
  • Any questions pertaining to your spread data should be directed to your Spreader in the first instance.

Does NPKS data come through?

  • Yes, if a Ravensdown single-line product was applied (Ravensdown special mixes coming soon).
  • For non-Ravensdown products, only if the NPKS data has been provided.
  • You have the ability to update the NPKS data for non Ravensdown products which will flow into your nutrient reporting, click here to see how.
  • If you would like data prior to your integration please contact your Spreader to see if they will supply this to HawkEye.  HawkEye can only accept data from 2018 onwards

Why is my data slightly different in TracMap Online?

  • Results may vary slightly between TracMap Online and HawkEye due to any differences between the two maps.
  • Some of the calculations differ between TracMap and HawkEye, so figures may not align exactly. They are very close though.
  • You may notice some variable rates. This is a truer representation of your spreading, rather than a single rate over the entire paddock.
  • If we cannot identify the product it will come through with the code NROP - OTHER PRODUCT and no NPKS data associated with it. You can update this data following the instructions here.

It looks like I have some duplicate spread activities

  • If you have entered manual events which are then superseded by TracMap data, you will need to delete the manual events. Your nutrient data will be incorrect if they remain in HawkEye.

Call our Service Support team on 0800 73 73 73 to sign up or find out more.

For the best experience in HawkEye, we recommend using Google Chrome.

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