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TracMap - Unknown Products


If you receive TracMap generated spread files, you may get products with a description beginning with ‘NROP-’.

If your Spreader uses TracMap gear and you are interested in getting proof of placement data in your HawkEye account click here to find out how.

Reasons for NROP codes

  • If HawkEye does not recognise the product passed through from TracMap, it will show in HawkEye as NROP.
  • If no description is provided it will show as NROP–OTHER PRODUCT
  • If a description has been entered on the TracMap end it will show as NROP-“entered description”, e.g. NRUP-VICTORY LIME.
  • As HawkEye does not know what the product is it cannot get NPKS data for the job

These will be displayed in HawkEye with a ! and a message to say “You have spread data which does not have nutrient values associated. Please select each activity and enter product and nutrient data appropriately”

Updating NROP codes

Once logged in, navigate to Activities>View:

  • Select 1 or more TracMap Proof of Placement activities
  • Click on the View details button
  • Select Edit
  • To change the description:
    - Delete the description and:
    - Select a Ravensdown Product – you will not be able to update the associated NPKS data OR
    - Select ‘Create new product (N,P,K,S)..’ and enter:
    - Product name
    - Type
    - Nutrient values in % (N,P,K,S,Mg,Ca)
    - Select save
  • You can revert to the original product by clicking on the revert button in the info screen
  • Products that you add will be available for use later and you will not have to enter in the NPKS data again

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